WinCity, although a new company, has already positioned itself as an important emerging player in the Casino/Hospitality and Entertainment  industry. WinCity Holdings was originally established in 2008 by a small group of investors with extensive and diverse business backgrounds and experience all sharing a common desire and goal  of entering the Casino Hospitality and Entertainment Market where we can apply our unique style and management skills.  

The Company initially plans to enter the market by focusing on smaller but proven niche markets by managing, investing in or the acquisition of existing or to be built properties, throughout the United States and the Caribbean. We are actively working and engaged in negotiations with several potential properties that meet our criteria for management, investment or acquisition. 

For the Company to successfully carryout and execute its business model and plan requires a significant amount of capital. Soon after the company's inception in early 2008 it was suddenly faced with a depressed economic and financial market  that all but eliminated the available funds for small privately held companies. Although this hampered the companies anticipated growth and plans management remained steadfast and positive. 

The Company's management, responding to the soft financial markets, recently opted to pursue the aspect of becoming publicly traded enabling the company to provide an exit strategy while reaching far more private and institutional investors. In July, 2010 the company agreed to a merger with Great American Financial Corp, a Delaware corporation and dormant public shell company with the condition that upon reorganization of the newly combined and added acquisitions will be able to file with one of the OTC Markets Group for a listing under the new name of WinCity Holdings Holdings. 

At this time neither WinCity nor Great American Financial report or file financial information from operations with any exchange. The stock of Great American Financial Corp, is not currently quoted on any listed exchange. However, the stock of the shareholders in Great American Financial are limitedly traded on the OTC Markets Group Gray Market under the symbol: "GAFL"

WinCity Holdings supports responsible gaming and has implemented the American Gaming Association's Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming at its properties.

The following is a list of the elected Board of Directors and Management currently responsible for the running of the Company and accountable to the shareholders see Corporate Governance Policy.

 If you wish to contact any of these individuals see Contact Us.


530 Sweede Street
Norristown, PA 19401
Phone:(610) 277-7899
Fax:(215) 354-1181




Business Description: Hotel/Casino Gaming and Management Company
Country of Incorporation: Delaware, United States
Year of Incorporation: 1987
Fiscal Year End: December 31


Jay Fredrick Chairman
Emerson Callahan Secretary & Director
Michael F Simone Treasurer & Director
Rina Moscariello Director
John Kemp Director


Cheif Executive Officer Jay Frederick
Cheif Operation Officer Michael F Simone
Casino Operations Management WhiteSand Gaming
Entertainment & Musical Director Lon VonEaton
Design & Theme Co-ordinator Miller Designs
General Counsel to the Company John Walfish Esq


Ticker Symbol NONE
Authorized Common Shares 75,000,000
Authorized Preferred Shares 10,000,000
Outstanding Shares 43,207,640
Estimated Market Cap N/A

Dividends: Currently the company has not declared any dividends.


Year to Date Revenue $0.00
Previous Year Revenue $0.00
Earnings $0.00

Transfer Agent:
Jersey Transfer
Verona, N.J.