Let WinCity provide your project with the necessary Equity, Joint Venture or Loan Financing tailored to meet your needs.

WinCity Holdings can provide virtually an unlimited number of alternatives when it comes to financing your hotel/casino or gaming project. Through our internal private investment fund combined with our established relationships with investment houses and equity firms, corporate networking and management experience we have the tools available to structure the right deal for your project. Whether its a loan, bridge/mezzanine financing, loan/equity investment, debt or equity private placements, bond issues or other security offerings we can deliver the capitol required for investment or financing of sound business or financial investment opportunity. 

Difficult times require new creative approaches! At WinCity we understand that each deal requires its own special attention and structure to make it work. By intently listening to your needs and careful collaboration with you, our investment team and allied partners we can provide you with the best solution possible to meet your needs. We also promise not to waste your time if we can't do your deal.

So, if you have a casino/hotel and resort project or gaming business opportunity you believe we would be interested in considering as an investment or financing then we encourage you to submit it to us. We are actively looking for both traditional short and long term financing deals along with new and exciting Equity or Joint Venture investment opportunities with strong growth potential and sound proven management.

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